About me

I started making hats out of great love for them. All my hats are handmade from natural materials. My hats are worn all over the world. For my work I received a certificate of old artistic craft. I have great help and support from my family. My middle daughter Kristina, who also has a certificate for her work, also helps me in my work.


About us

Unique handmade hats

The story of this action begins 35 years ago. Today, our hat salon is visited by a large number of fashion hat lovers. The selection of hats here is really large. We make hats for various theaters, companies and movies. Each model is unique, made by hand in the traditional way.


Unique handmade hats

Unique handmade hats, berets, fascinators, turbans, toques and custom in various colors and sizes


My hats are worn all over the world

My hats are worn all over the world. I got it for my work
certificate of artistic old craft.


Kraljevića Marka 11
Balkanska 34
Working hours :
Ponedeljak-Petak:10-20h, Subota :10-17h;
Nedelja: Closed.


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